Tradies / contractors

The Northern Territory (NT) Government invested $180 million as part of a Jobs Rescue and Recovery plan, to save local jobs, keep businesses open and cash flowing.

If you are an NT tradie or contractor, you can apply to supply goods and services to businesses, not-for-profits and home owners under the scheme.

This means you can register to be listed as an eligible business that provides services under the following:

Note: Businesses and suppliers registered under the Jobs Rescue and Recovery Program will be eligible to provide quotations and carry out works under the new Immediate Work Grants and Business Rebound and Adaptation Grant, you do not need to register again.

Important notice

We recommend that you review the terms and conditions as you may find the answers to any questions you have there.

Reminder: works cannot start until the grant applicant's application has been approved and a voucher issued.

Physical distancing

You must practise physical distancing during the planning and delivery of any renovation works.

If either you or your client are unwell, in self-isolation or self-quarantine, stay in touch by phone until it is safe to meet in person.

Your voucher and registration can be cancelled at any time if you fail to follow the safety guidelines. You may also be referred to the police.

For more information on staying safe, go to the Coronavirus website.

How to cash in a voucher

You can redeem a scheme voucher given to your business at the SmartyGrants website.

For detailed instructions on how to cash in a voucher, read clause 1.4.5 of the scheme's terms and conditions.

Who can participate

Businesses, not-for-profits and home owners accessing the scheme can only use registered tradies or contractors.

To be a registered tradie or contractor, you must be a Territory enterprise, which:

  • is a legal entity and holds a valid Australian business number (ABN) from the date the program was announced (18 March 2020)
  • was providing its services in the NT from the date the program was announced (18 March 2020)
  • has successfully registered to be part of the program
  • has and will maintain during the course of the program (and will provide copies upon request):
    • all relevant business, occupation and related permits
    • licences
    • insurance coverage required to undertake work for the program, including valid public liability insurance policy with minimum $10 million cover, workers compensation, professional indemnity, and all other relevant insurances to cover its usual business risks
    • subject to any specific provisions for each of the Home Improvement Scheme, Business Improvement Grants or Immediate Work Grants terms, will carry out the labour component of any eligible works it provides a quotation for (ie. does not merely supply products or components to be installed as part of eligible works).

A Territory enterprise is a business that:

  • operates in the NT
  • has a significant permanent presence in the NT
  • employs NT residents.

How to participate

Before you register

To register you must have a NT Government vendor ID.

Use your current vendor ID if:

  • you have received a payment in the last six months from the NT Government, and
  • your business details have not changed.

You can find your vendor ID on your remittance advice in the top right hand side. It is the first eight characters of the Vendor No.

You can use this vendor ID in your application.

If you do not have a recent remittance advice or you need to register as a new vendor, email

To register

You must register online.

To register, follow these steps:

Step 1. You must read, understand and agree to the scheme's terms and conditions before you register.

Step 2. Apply online on the SmartyGrants website.

Once your registration has been approved, your contact details will be listed on the website. Scheme recipients will then be able to contact you.

Application process

Applications are being assessed in the order they are received. Complete and eligible tradies and contractors will be uploaded within two business days after approval.

If you accurately answered all questions on the application form, and you are eligible, you will be registered for the scheme.

If your application is incomplete, it will take longer.

For further enquiries please email the relevant email address and we will respond within two business days.

Get a sample quote or invoice

The quotes and invoices you submit must comply with the scheme's terms and conditions.

Below are templates that can be used to make sure quotes and invoices meet the requirements.

Jobs Rescue and Recovery plan quote template PDF (113.6 KB)
Jobs Rescue and Recovery plan quote template DOCX (23.3 KB)

Jobs Rescue and Recovery plan invoice template PDF (136.1 KB)
Jobs Rescue and Recovery plan invoice template DOCX (20.0 KB)

If you are selected to carry out work

If you are selected to carry out work, you must meet the following delivery timeframes:

Home Improvement Scheme:

  • within three months of the date the voucher was issued or
  • by 31 May 2021 - whichever is sooner.

Business Improvement Grant:

  • within six months of the date the voucher was issued or
  • by 30 April 2021 - whichever is sooner.

Immediate Work Grants:

  • within six months of the date the voucher was issued or
  • by 30 September 2021 - whichever is sooner.

Business Rebound and Adaptation Grant:

  • within six months of the date the voucher was issued or
  • by 30 September 2021 - whichever is sooner.

All works need to be complete within 12 months. There will be no voucher extensions.


For more information, contact the Business Recovery team.