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Small Business JobMaker Booster

The Small Business JobMaker Booster is a $7.8 million initiative to help Territory businesses with specific hiring needs for new workers with two schemes.

Scheme 1 for employers

The Northern Territory (NT) Government will provide funding to boost the Australian Government’s JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme. This funding would be used to provide eligible Territory small business with $100 per week for eligible employees between 30-35 years of age and $200 a week for employees over 35 years of age. That means all eligible employees will receive $200 a week.

  • Employers can register for the scheme from 15 December 2020, and provide their payroll and FTE (full-time equivalent) as a baseline.
  • Claims can be made from February 2021 on a quarterly basis, noting payroll evidence may be requested at that time.
  • Payments will be made to eligible employers retrospectively on a quarterly basis.
  • All payments are taxable.
  • Payments will be made on a pro-rata basis.
  • An eligible employee must be able to show that they were eligible for an Australian Government employment program, such as Jobseeker, Community Development Program (CDP) or Jobactive, to be eligible prior to 15 December 2020 (noting they cannot claim these entitlements while they receive the NT Government’s JobMaker Booster).
  • An employee must demonstrate they have a Territory Medicare card and are enrolled at a Territory address.
  • The payment is in addition to all existing programs and aims to get unemployed Territorians into work.
  • Eligible employers need to demonstrate that a new employee was previously unemployed and on Jobseeker, CDP or Jobactive.
  • This program is about maximising job creation, contributing to the Territory's economic recovery and encouraging vacancies to be filled by people moving from Jobseeker, CDP or Jobactive to employment.
  • To ensure the integrity of the program, random audits will be conducted.

Who can apply

  • Open to all Territory small businesses defined as an actively trading business with an annual turnover of less than $10 million.
  • Eligible employers must meet the Australian Government’s JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme criteria.
  • An eligible employee is someone who has been approved to participate in the JobMaker program or who was unemployed for at least one month during the three months prior to accepting the new job.
  • A payment of $100 or $200 per week for up to 12 months will be made to eligible employers for each eligible employee.
  • The eligible employer must demonstrate that the eligible has come off Jobseeker, CDP or Jobactive, to employment.
  • Eligible jobs are those created in the 12 months following the program commencement date.

Scheme 2 for peak industry bodies

The NT Government will co-contribute matched funding to any peak industry body to support their interstate marketing campaigns that target workers to come to the Territory to fill needed jobs or skills that are listed on the NT’s Skills and Occupations Priority List (NTSOPL). For more information on NTSOPL, go to the Northern Territory Government website.

As a smaller jurisdiction with specific needs, the NT Government knows that the age restrictions may be restrictive for Territory small business to fill a job and that we need specific targeted campaigns to get certain skilled workers to move to the Territory.

Who can apply

  • Must be a recognised peak body in the Territory.
  • Campaign must target workers outside of the Territory.
  • Campaign must target a skill or profession listed on the NTSOPL.


15 December 2020 Applications open for businesses to register for the scheme.
February 2021 Employers commence claiming, consistent with the Australian Government’s JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme


For more information, contact the Business Recovery team.