If you are a Northern Territory (NT) business, including sole-traders, you can access the following support.

Home Improvement Scheme

The $100 million Home Improvement Scheme will save local jobs, keep businesses open and cash flowing.

The program received around 20,000 applicants. Applications are being assessed over a six month period.

Funding for the Home Improvement Scheme is now fully committed and no further homeowner applications are being accepted.

Business Improvement Grant

The Business Improvement Grant will deliver $20 million worth of projects.

Territory businesses were able to access a $10,000 grant.

For work valued at more than $10,000, the co-contribution by the Territory Government is limited to $10,000 on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to a maximum grant of $20,000.

Funding for the Business Improvement Grant is now fully committed and no further grant applications are being accepted.

Small Business Survival Fund

The new $50 million Small Business Survival Fund will help local Territory businesses survive the unprecedented economic impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

This fund is specifically targeted at supporting industries such as retail, hospitality, tourism and entertainment businesses.

Eligible businesses will be able to apply for five payments:

  • an immediate survival payment of between $2,000 and $50,000 to help offset the immediate cost pressures on businesses - now closed
  • a rapid adaption payment of between $1,000 and $5,000 to help businesses make the necessary changes they need to help adapt to the new operating environment - now closed
  • an operational boost payment, which provides immediate cash boost to affected businesses to offset the costs of continuing to maintain in business - now closed
  • an operational support payment, this payment is for businesses with an annual turnover greater than $75,000 and who have had previous payments from the fund - now closed
  • a rebound support grant of between $1,000 and $15,000 for new activities that adapt or rebound the business to operate effectively in the new economic environment - now closed.

Territory Jobs Hub

The NT Government is supporting Territory workers impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) to connect with local businesses and find new employment.

The Territory Jobs Hub helps businesses to connect with people looking for work, including casual and contract work.

For more information on the Territory Jobs Hub, go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Business Hardship Package

The Business Hardship Package is an initiative to help businesses that have experienced significant hardship as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Territory businesses can apply to be listed on a central business hardship register.

This registration will enable businesses to apply to receive some financial relief from charges by government, local councils and some utility providers.

Business Rebound and Adaptation Grant

The Business Rebound and Adaptation Grant is a new program designed to help Territory businesses build their capacity and adapt to the coronavirus (COVID-19) economic environment.

Territory businesses are able to access a $10,000 grant.

Additional support for business

Find out what other support is available for Territory businesses on the Northern Territory Government website.